Whether she’s in Newark or back home in Ghana , Eugenia Jennings has always been ready and eager to help those in need. “If my friend needs something, I’m there for them, always trying to help them out,” Jennings says. Born and raised in Ghana, in West Africa, Jennings came to the U.S. as a visitor and worked her way to earn a green card, later enrolling in school at Essex County College. Her journey was fueled in part by her desire to ful ll her father’s dream of seeing Jennings and her 10 siblings all receive a college education. “My dad didn't get a chance to go to university, he just went to high school, so he encouraged us to use our abilities,” Jennings says. “My father just saw education as important for life.”

SERVICE “ AS A COUNSELOR, YOU CAN ’ T JUST TALK, TALK, TALK, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN. ” - Eugenia Jennings, counseling intern, Bethel Counseling Services Jennings started at Bethel last October as an intern, answering phones and collecting urinalysis tests. But she quickly became a counselor, hosting both group and individual sessions. She says she enjoys the one-on-one experience and tries to get people to commit to the program and be honest in their recovery. BETHEL COUNSELING INTERN HELPS PEOPLE WORLDWIDE

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“I let people open up and I just listen to whatever they’re saying,” Jennings says. “As a counselor, you can’t just talk, talk, talk, you have to listen.”


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