1 My attitude has changed for the positive since I’ve been coming to Bethel Counseling Services. I’m more open to different coping skills that the program offers. The skills I have learned caused

me to humble myself and develop a more positive attitude. I have learned that with a positive attitude, you get more out of life.

New attitude


Since I’ve been coming to BCS, a weight has been lifted! The staff is so encouraging and the atmosphere is uplifting. There are so many programs that are open for us to join, regardless of the reason you initially came for. They all helped me to apply positive changes that will prove to be of benefit to me for the rest of my life.

Ever So Grateful


Bethel has given me my new beginning! Love is here and love is the message. I’m being guided by good people that are teaching me how to live again, to breathe again. Before I didn’t recognize myself, couldn’t identify, but Bethel’s counselors have shown me the mirror. This enabled me to see what I was, allowing me to get better and change into what I want to become.

Checking, changing & improving myself


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