A new home When she first arrived at Bethel, Laboo says she was overwhelmed by the sense of community and faith that resonates throughout the facility. “When you walk in there, you feel the love and you feel the spirit,” Laboo says. “It just felt like home.” Laboo completed her treatment program with the help of Bethel’s dedicated staff, whom she says provided positive examples of how to fully embrace the recovery process. She says she used to shy away from talking about her addiction, but staff helped her erase those fears and commit to the healing process. “It was about getting honest,” Laboo says. “And to listen to some of the staff, how they shared about their stories, that helped me to open up more.” Laboo says the support that staff showed her made a world of difference, and she knows she can count on them to be there for her as she continues in her recovery. “They were caring people, and you can go and talk to them and they take the time out and talk to you,” Laboo says. “They didn’t look down on you, they showed you love.”

“They didn’t look down on you, they showed you love.” -Tawanna Laboo Although she has completed her treatment program, Laboo says she will continue to attend support meetings at Bethel every week and is extremely grateful to remain part of the Bethel community. She says she would recommend the program to anyone in need of help, but for her own recovery, Laboo will continue to move forward feeling rejuvenated and committed to her new beginning. “I’m just taking it one day at a time,” Laboo says. “Everything is great. Right now I’m at peace.”  A way forward Laboo is now working toward enrolling in college with the hopes of one day becoming a social worker. She says she knows how difficult the journey of recovery can be, and she hopes to ease those struggles for others looking to better their own lives. “I want to get into that field and be a blessing to somebody else, just how God brought somebody in my life to help me,” Laboo says.


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