“We work as a team, no struggle, no ghting,” Drinkard says. “‹ey really do it from their heart.” [ ] “We greet themwith a smile and we try to embrace them because everybody has been through a rough time.” Sarah Drinkard Mutual aid Just as clients leave the pantry with food to ll their stomachs, staŽ also walk away from the experience with something to sustain them. Drinkard says everyone who works on the pantry team enjoys helping people in need, and she even enjoys the day-to-day tasks like shopping for the food. But she says the real reward is knowing that people in her community aren’t going to bed hungry. “It has been a great experience, I love it. I love shopping,” Drinkard says with a laugh. “I love the fact that I can give these people food that they can actually use.” Drinkard says she was inspired by Pastor Osborne’s vision for the food pantry and by her mission to “take back the city.” After seeing the diŽerence it can make in people’s lives, Drinkard says she wants to expand the food pantry program even further to help as many people as possible. “We’re helping our city, helping the people in our city,” Drinkard says. “It’s very exciting, very rewarding work.”


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