Faith for a Change For Micah House’s clinical supervisor, community and faith are keys to success

As clinical supervisor at Micah House, Anthony Holmquist-Burks is living proof of the efficacy of a faith-based, community-focused program. Although never a client himself at Micah House, his personal turnaround in 1999 came as a result of some of the same major tenets he now implements into the program. He recalls his life-changing brush with fate walking through his neighborhood in North

“Next thing I know, they’re praying for me.They scooped me off the floor,” he says. “I know now that I was transformed by faith and by God that day.” He recalls his experience with renewed faith as nothing short of miraculous, and carries this message with him in his role at Micah House, where he witnesses transformations on a regular basis through a few simple, yet often elusive, principles.

Minneapolis, where he had spent decades abusing crack cocaine and alcohol, and coming across a tent revival. He decided to take a closer look at the faith-healing sanctuary. “I know now that I was transformed by faith and by

Suggestions welcome Counseling came naturally to Holmquist-Burks, who began his tenure at Micah House as an LADC. Now, he oversees clinical staff and writes policy to maintain the client-centered focus of the program. “It’s important to meet the client where they’re at,” he says. “Many times, clients come here without a lot of faith, and we try to help them gain some understanding in that area.”

God that day.” - Anthony Holmquist-Burks clinical supervisor Micah House


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